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DesbaTec is your specialist for

  • Recycling units based on vacuum distillation
  • Units for solvent recovery
  • Reliable units for injection molding debinding
  • Economic grinding oil/ ship oil recycling units
  • Innovative gas recycling units
  • Units for waste water recycling
  • Spray booths with or without activated carbon filter unit
  • Storage tanks for substances harmful to water according to water ressources act
  • processual plants specially built for your requirements

Recovering solvents, cleaning agents, oils and more efficiently 

With DesbaTec vacuum distillation units you are able to signifcantly save costs: solvents that are contaminated with other substances during production process can efficiently and safe be recovered out of the polluted mixture and then are available for re-usage in your production process in constant quality. 

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Units also for tricky tasks

Gas cylinder recycling is tricky: the porous mass contains solvents that have to be recovered. In normal procedures the gas cylinder will be destructed. With our new gas cylinder recycling units you are able to recover the solvents out of the cylinders without destroying it, so that you can reuse the cylinder as well as the solvents.

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For clean air

The callenge when painting or spaying is to care for good waste air suction and removing the pollutants our of it. DesbaTec spray booths offer you powerful suction systems combined with effective filter units. On demand also with activated carbon filter units for demanding tasks.

DesbaTec Spray booths

Johannes Singer Hans Kappl KG
The company DesbaTec Anlagentechnik and its employees made a very professional, technical experienced and therefore very positive impression on us. From the complete handling and likewise the after-sales care this has prevailed to the current date.
Oliver Thoma Klischeewerkstatt Scholler GmbH
The DesbaTec Anlagentechnik GmbH Sulzbach came, planned, executed and satisfied. In retrospective we made the experience that pre-sales and after-sales service likewise are written in capitals at DesbaTec.