Gas cylinder recycling unit CRU-48

The units of the CRU Series have been developed for easy and cost-efficient inhouse recycling of gas cylinders.


Particularly challenging is the disposal of acetylene cylinders. Acetylene gas cylinders with a damaged porous mass contain a significant amount of solvents. This leads to the following issues: 

  • A separation of the bottle body with a mass containing solvents hold explosion risks 
  • The disposal of the porous mass in which solvent is still present to a disposal site is unlawful without proper pretreatment and endangers the environment.
  • The disposal of such gas cylinders is very expensive

We offer you the solution: INHOUSE recycling with your own gas cylinder recycling unit


The vacuum pump evacuates the separating vessel as well as the attached gas cylinders. After reaching the preset vacum limit the induction heating is activated and the distillation process begins.

The gas cylinders are heated slowly until the acetone changes from liquid to gaeous state. The resulting gas is exhausted by the vacuum pump through a pleate heat exchanger. The is condensed in the heat exchanger and collected in the separating vessel in liquefied state.

Distillation unit
Inspection glass vessel lamp in -design
Heat exchanger unit made of stainless steel, welded
Customized cooling units with power buffer (up to 25% energy savings)

 = Standard,   = Optional

Vacuum unit
Vacuum pump in  -design (up to max. 40mbar)
Vacuum unit in special version up to 5mbar

 = Standard,   = Optional

Heating in  -design
1 to 3 stage, PID-controlled heat carrier heating
4 or multi-stage PID controlled heat carrier heating
Combined heating/ cooling units (heat pumps for up to 50% energy savings)

 = Standard,   = Optional

Frame variants
Anodized, conductive aluminium profile frame
including panel sheets

 = Standard,   = Optional

Safety/ system integration
Explosion protection class EX II 3 G c IIA T3 (with inerting and suction)
Inerting unit
Explosion protection class EX II 2 G c IIA T3 (without inerting and suction)

 = Standard,   = Optional

Control system
Fully automatic, PLC operated system
Designed for monitoring free 24h operation
Delay timer for night-/ weekend operation
Including 15m cable loom (from unit to switching cabinet)
At unit  
     On-/ off-switch
      -operation indicator lamp
     Emergency stop palm button
At switching cabinet  
     Graphics display and operating terminal at cabinet door, monochromatic, 16 gradations, touchscreen
     Operation indicator lamp
     Error indicator lamp
     Emergency stop palm button
     PID-controller & display
15m cable loom 
At unit  
      -error indicator lamp
At switching cabinet  
     Graphics display and operating terminal with color display, touchscreen

 = Standard,   = Optional

Optional accessories
External, single or double-walled container for fresh/ contaminated goods
Safety collecting drip pan according to water ressources act (WHG)

 = Standard,   = Optional

24 months warranty
Pan-european 24h on-site service
Express shipment of spare sparts
Up to 60 months warranty
Remote maintenance through automation device or modem
Support at creating of the explosion protection document

 = Standard,   = Optional

Outstanding characteristics
Wetted parts in stainless steel, including double jacket for heat carrier

 = Standard,   = Optional


Further options on request


Savings across the board
  • Conservation of the gas cylinder (no cutting required!)
  • Neutralizatin of the porous mass
  • Recovery of the solvent
  • Recory rate up to 95%
  • Amortization usually < 1 year
Compact and space-saving design
  • High distillation performance
  • Fast and effective heating of the medium by means of induction
  • Preparation of up to 8 gas cylinders simultaneously


Automatic in-house operation
  • No costly external treatment
  • No transport of dangerous goods on public roads

Designed for 24-hour operation
  • Minimized system monitoring


Pneumatic driven heating unit
  • Simple introduction of the gas cylinders


Water cooling
  • Emission-free condensation of solvent gases even at high ambient temperatures


Cabinet with electric control

  • Continuous process flow
  • Monitoring/ compliance with the security parameters
Systems engineering according to european regulations
  • Highest operational safety