The new spray booths series 2014

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The spray booths of the now available 2014 series have experienced a lot of improvements.

One of the most important changes is the use of stainless steel. Through this, the spary booths are easy to clean, are durable and solvent resistant.

The filter system has been enhanced and now impress by a duo-filtersystem: a primary cardboard filter provides maximum adsorption of the overspray, a secondary filter mat provides efficient filtering of the waste air. For preservation of the fan but first of all for preservation of the environment. This combined filter system achieves high filtration efficiency.

Click on the image to see more new features of the 2014 series.



PaintExpo 2014

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Also this year we have been at the PaintExpo. We are happy about so many interested visitor having found the way to our booth and about the agile exhanges. We thank you for the time time you took for us and for your interest and we hope to see you again soon.



Relaunch of our website

DesbaTec continues innovative into the future and the relaunch of our website is part of that: in new design with more information, modern and responsive, that is also usable on smartphones and tablets. Only one sign of our innovative path. Also the neu product line "gas cylinder recycling unit" which present themselves on our site.



Special development spray booth with automatic part feed

DesbaTec develops several spray booths with automatic part feed on behalf of a customer and contributes again to the technological advance. Due to the built in measure- and control technologies (e.g. PLC, light barriers, etc) as well as the painting technologies (e.g. automatic spray guns with special spray lances and nozzles) it is now possible to automatically paint parts.



Special development spray booth for sensivtive paints

Special development of a spray booth with plexiglass window and hatch mechanism for sensitive paints.


Special development emission free spray booth

Special development of emission free spray booths with integrated activated coal filter units for solvent free waste air flow. This series can be used in closed rooms without waste air outlet socket.



Achema 2009


Thank you for having visited us at the Achema 2009 in Frankfurt/ Main. We hope you could gather useful informations and suggestions at our booth!

Thank you for taking the time.






Press article process engineering

"When measuring pressure is not sufficient - flow controllers monitor coolant circuits at the vacuum distillation of solvents.". Read this article in our press section


Diversification SRU-95

Expansion of the vacuum distillation unit series SRU: new unit SRU-95 for medium solvent quantities.


Diversification SRU-30

Expansion of the vacuum distillation unit series SRU: new unit SRU-30 for minor solvent quantities.


Virtual fair booth of the DesbaTec Anlagentechnik GmbH

The world fair Achema 2006 closed its' doors. There was a lot to be seen: well-known faces and also new ones, well-known products and also product innovation. 

Certainly, DesbaTec and its' product innovation have been right in the middle of it. We thank you for having visited us and hope you took to our presentation!