Wastewater recycling units WRU-30 to WRU-3000

The units of the WRU series are used for recycling of industry and process wasterwaters.

Essential characteristics:

Fully automatic, programmable logic controller (PLC) operated unit
Graphics display and operating terminal at cabinet door
Designed for monitoring free 24-hour operation, with delay timer, for night-/ weekend operation
Wetted parts made of stainless steel, including double jacket for heat carrier
PID-controlled heat carrier heating in   - design (1- to 3-stage)
Vacuum unit in  - design (up to max. 40 mbar)
Operation indicator lamps & ON-/ OFF-switch at unit
Emergency stop palm button at unit
Heat exchanger made of stainlees steel, welded

Up to a plant size of 265l:

  • Double walled distillation vessel in horizontal construction
  • Safety closure with O-ring seal
  • Eloxadized, conductive aluminium profile frame with casing

From a plant size of 320l and above:

  • Double walled conical distillation vessel made of stainless steel
  • Safety closure in manhole version with O-ring seal
  • Stirring-/ scraping system with adjustable, spring loaded scraper system
  • Powder coated or hot-galvanized welded frame
  • Isolation according to DIN 4102 Part 1 with structured aluminium sheet casing
  • Manual drain valve (DN 200) with final position switch
Including 15m cable loom (from cabinet to unit)
24 months warranty

Custom extensions

Inspection glass lamp
Remote maintenance through automation device or modem
4- and multi stage controlled heat carrier heating
Hot water or steam heating
Single or double walled (external) tanks for fresh-/ contaminated goods
Safety collection drip pan according to water ressources act ("Wasserhaushaltsgesetz/ WHG")
Vacuum units in special version up to 5mbar
Pneumatic drain valve (DN 200) with electro pneumatic pilot valve and final position switch for automatic discharging of residues/ ball vave for liquid residues
Customized cooling units with energy buffer (up to 25% energy savings)
Mobile & tiltable residue container
Suction hood for residue container
Combined heating-/ cooling units (heat pumps for up to 50% energy savings)
Eloxadized, conductive aluminium profile frame (from a plant size of 320l and above)
Additional options on request