Tank systems CS-900 to CS-2400

Our double walled storage tanks are suitable for collecting and storing hazardous material (AI to AIII) above-ground.
On-site controls (tank control) appropiate to customer specific requirements as well as additional measure and control technologies in ex-protected version combine safety, comfort and productivity.

1. Collection tank with leak detection system:
Explosion pressure resistant and double walled construction
Collection drip pan not required
Hot-galvanized on the inside and outside
Dome cover with threaded nuts
Permanent leak monitoring (vacuum)
Construction supervisional inspection & accordance with WHG, Vbfun, TRbf
2. On-site control unit, ex-protected design
ON-/ OFF-switch, push-buttons and indicator lamps
No manual filling/ emptying
3. Measure and control technology, ex-protected design
Tank level and/ or overfill protection
Pilot valve(s)
4. Pneumatic diaphragm pump, ex-protected design
Self-priming up to 1m container height
5. Other
Dip stick
Tank vent
6. More options
(Drain-) ball valve
Suction lance
Tank socket
Mounting for sampling canister
Different sizes and configurations
Additional options and accessoiries on request