Systems engineering: grinding oil/ metal swarf recycling

DesbaTec units of the GRU series are used for de-oiling metal swarf and for the recycling of your cooling lubricants. The solvent extraction plants of the GRU series are specially developed for de-oiling metal-swarf. When using a GRU your metal-swarfes will be de-oiled using solvent extraction to a remnant oil rate of up to 0,01%.

Process techniques

Currently there are three ways of recycling and recovery of cooling lubricants and of the solids contained in them:


Grinding sludge (cooling lubricant with metal swarfs) has always to be disposed as "hazardous waste" with costs.


high operating costs

No resuability

Usage of filters

The usage of latest filter technologies or of cooling lubricants with low viscosity reduces grinding sludge quantities. At the best case you can reduce the grinding sludge by approx. 30% and re-use a portion of the cooling lubricants.

high operating costs

low reusability


Grinding oil recycling

Through grinding oil recycling you can achieve a nearly complete separation and recovery of the cooling lubricants and the contained solids (e.g. metal swarfs). The recycled cooling lubricants can nearly completely be re-used and the quantities of metal sludge is significantly reduced to a minimum, which extremely reduces subsequently the costs for fresh-good purchases and increases your profitability. 

low operating costs

very high reusability


Operating principle grinding-oil-metal-swarf-recycling

At first the grinding sludge mixture to be de-oiled is flooded with solvent and the oils are extracted by upflow glazing and/ or suspension of the solids.

The solvent/ cooling lubricant mixture, the so-called residue of the extraction is separated and treated using vacuum distillation so that at the end the solvent as well as the cooling lubricant are available for reusability.

The units of the GRU series are equipped with conical* vessels and due to their explosion proof design can be set up in Ex-zones 1 or 2. * Horizontal, lying vessel and extraction filter baskets are also possible on request.