Systems engineering: wastewater recycling

Industry wastewater (process water) can not be avoided, but significantly reduced by recycling. This allows you to minimize the costs of disposal of wastewater as well as of water consumption.

In addition, you are able to comply to existing maximum permision values and thus save the environment when dumping rinsing, electroplating and other water.
Proper disposal and treatment of industry wastewater includes the process of water usage in which purified water can be re-introduced into the cycle. The dissolved ingredients normally can be recycled if present in sorted form.

Like that your are able to remove for example solvents, fats and oils, paints, developer, metal sludge, separator oils, electroplating components but also many other substances from your wastewater using a DesbaTec recycling plant.

Our units operate on the destillation principle and enable a rapid and cost-efficient integration in existing production and/ or purification systems.

In the treatment contaminated industry wastewater is heated using heat carriers (thermal oil, hot water, steam) and brought to a boiling point. The resulting vapors are condensated to a liquid state and cooled by a cooling unit. Under vacuum the temperature of ebullition of the water-substance mixture to be separated is significantly reduced and the water evaporates at a much lower temperature than under normal pressure.

Since the plants by DesbaTec are custom designed and manufactured, wastewater recycling systems can be realized in almost any size und according to each technical requirement.



The intial mixture
is separated into
water and
  residue incl.
remnant water


Your benefits

  • Remnant water rate in the residue according to customer requirement
  • Short payback periods (normally under 1 year) increase the profitability of your corporation
  • Reduction of disposal costs
  • Recycling of the ingredients & the water
  • Water equivalent below legal permission values 
  • Reduction of fresh water consumption

Essential characteristics

  • Designed for fully automatic 24-hour operation
  • Continous filling
  • Low energy consumption through usage of vacuum systems
  • Automatic concentrate discharge
  • Easy of use
  • Possibilty of using existing heat sources

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