Solvent disposal or solvent recycling?

Solvent is used in very different branches.

Typical areas of operation are:

-          Surface coating,
-          Cleaning,
-          Degreasing,
-          Finishing,
-          Sticking,
-          Chip manufacturing,
-          Printing plate production,
-          Bottling,
-          Processing,
-          Food processing,
-          Cosmetics production and many more.

After their use in the particular production process, these chemicals are often declared and treated as “hazardous substances” or as “hazardous waste”. Even when this contaminated solvents or dirty cleaning agents can be processed and reused.
Using solvent distillation units by DesbaTec contaminated solvents or mixtures of substances are heated through the use of heat transfer media (thermal oil, hot water, steam) and brought to a boil. The gases resulting out of this distillation process are liquefied and cooled by condensation in the cooler.
When it comes to sensitive materials, thermal decomposition can happen during distillation. In order to preventing this and also in order to reducing energy consumption (and with this decreasing operating costs), the gentle process of vacuum distillation is used, which is performed at a low pressure (vacuum).
Due to the vacuum the boiling point of the liquids that are to be separated is reduced as well as a possible foaming is significantly reduced and the components evaporate at a much lower temperature than in normal pressure.


The most important benefits ouf our vacuum distillation units at a glance:

●  Minimization of disposal costs
●  Minimization of fresh goods purchase and storage costs
●  Minimization of disposition and handling efforts
●  Constant quality of your chemicals (quality assurance)
●  Optimization of the production (e.g. through constant quality of cleaning baths in degreasing processes)
●  Ressource conservation and environmental protection

We'll be happy to advice you finding a suitable solution/ system for your specific needs. Or rent one of our Rental units and assure yourself personally and under realistic conditions of the many benefits of a solvent recycling unit made by DesbaTec